Sunday, December 1, 2013

Showcase : Stick Man Trampoline

Stick Man Trampoline is a small game based off of Breakout and Pong.  I wanted to make a simple game with basic but fun gameplay, allowing me to focus on other aspects of the game design.  I wanted to have a small project to experiment with making a game Juicy, and multi-platform programming.

The game was made over a month using the Monogame framework.  All the art was done by myself (hence why it's so simple), and the music was done by Eric Skiff (

To make the game juicy, I tried to add animations to everything.  The player and trampoline are animated with satisfying jiggles and wiggles, and I made each level have a small animated portion (whether bubble particles or a shining sun).

The game currently compiles to Windows, Windows 8 and Windows Phone (though the current version of Windows Phone is having issues I haven't solved yet).  I wanted to build to Android and iOS as well, but that requires Xamarin which I don't have a license for.

As of the current writing of this, Stick Man Trampoline is released on the Windows 8 App Store, with over 10 000 downloads and a 4.2 star rating.  It can be found here:

You can follow the development of the game here:
Designing the Mechanics
A Juicy Experience


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