Friday, July 26, 2013

Showcase : House Wives vs Zombies

House Wives vs Zombies is set in the 1950's, where a sudden zombie virus has spread through your city.  The virus however, only affects men, so it's up to you to take your mighty rolling pin in hand, beat those misogynist zombies, and save the remaining men in the city (though we didn't get around to finishing that last part).

Esc: Quit
WASD: Move
1: Switch to Rolling Pin (Default weapon)
2: Switch to pistol
Mouse: Change facing
Left Mouse Button: Fire weapon

One programmer/Lead designer (Myself)
Three artists
Two composers
Everyone helped with designing and input

It's a game I threw together with a few people for the Iamagamer game jam, with the theme of "Strong Female Protagonists".  We weren't able to participate that week, so we held our own mini-jam the week after.  Though we had good intentions, a bunch of things came up, and we ended up only spending around 16 hours on the project.  Despite this, I'm proud of the work we got done in the short period of time, and though rough, I feel like the finished product is a good proof-of-concept.

Here's a link to the download if you want to give it a go.  (Just run the installer, you can uninstall it once you're done).  Postmortem coming later.

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